Luxaflex速 Aluminium Lite Shutter

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We offer a Lite version, without the extra strength of our security product, perfect for estates and openings where privacy and light control are needed above security. Our Lite version provides a lockable aluminium barrier offering the same appealing aesthetic as the original shutter. This Lite version is set within your window and door frames.

Available colors

Luxaflex速 Aluminium Security Shutter Color Options Luxaflex速 Security shutters are available in:

• White
• Light grey
• Dark grey
• Charcoal
• Bronze
• as well as custom-made colours...

Available colors

Facts Luxaflex速 Security Shutters Luxaflex速 Lite
Security ×
Light, noise & temp control
Guarantee 10 Years 5 Years
Internal use
External use
Hinge, track & sliding
For doors & windows
Easy to clean
Locally manufactured

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